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We can take the simplest to the most complex parts and provide you with significant cost reduction through our process methods. Multitec offers wide range of products such as Press Components & Injection Moulding Parts for various industries:

  Numerous Components for Electronic Communication Industries
  Deep drawn housing for Industrial Lighting Industries (100% EOU)
  Sheet Metal Cases for High Intensity Discharge Lamp Industries
  Press Components for Automotive Industries
  Axial Fan & Centrifugal Fan Housings for Industrial Fan Industries
  Mounting Plates & Finger Guards for Industrial Fan Industries
  Stainless Steel Assemblies for Commercial Industries
  Powder Coated Press Components for Construction Industries
  Bus Door Mounting Assembly for Integrated Automation Industries
  Antenna Parts for Telecommunication Industries
  Fabricated Parts to Busducts Manufacturing Industries
  Non-ferrous Components for RF Connector Manufacturing Industries
  Stabilizer Enclosure for Electrical Industries
  Plastic Injection Moulding Parts for Lighting Industries
  General Engineering Pressed Parts